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HighPoint Home Furnishings Market April 2-5, 2011

As some of you may know, I attended HighPoint Market a couple weeks ago. It was really fabulous! Great new trends. As with any trend, it’s typically everywhere!! The big “in” thing right now is the “Paris Flea Market” look. Lots of mercury glass in light fixtures, candelabras and accessories. Lots of whitewash and reclaimed wood. A lot of rustic furniture and Paris this and that EVERYWHERE! The good thing is I LOVE PARIS and hope to visit there some day soon (in my dreams).

My favorite, favorite showrooms were Luna Bella, Arteriors and Regina Andrews. Makes me want to take all the stuff in my house, rent a dumpster and start chucking things out the window! Gorgeous stuff all over the place. Everything is new, artistic and fresh. Just like fashion, the new shirt on the rack seems sooo very enticing. I did shop for clients and I’m dying to show them all the great finds that would be exactly what they would have picked if they had been there with me. As always, I pick things that are an expression of your style and personality.

By the way, I had the pleasure of meeting Ty Pennington, the host of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. He was just like he is on TV, really nice, random and hilarious! He gave a presentation on how he got to where he did today and what he enjoys to do in the industry of home renovations, designing furniture and being a workaholic. As many of you, I first started being a big fan in the days of Trading Spaces! He said those days started the DIY fever for viewers all over the country. The funny part is that the designers on the show were not doing things for good design and functionality as a priority but for creativity and wackiness….remember the wall of old records that Frank did? 

Mentioned in the Magellan Newsletter!

We would like to announce that Selma Hammer, one of our preferred vendors, has been elected the new President of the Upstate New York Chapter of Association of Interior Design Professionals (AIDP). One of Selma’s goals as President is to educate the public on the importance of hiring professional designers for projects. “The industry has put a lot of focus on the DIY’ers in recent years, but many consumers are realizing that they do need help completing projects to attain their vision of what their space and home should look like. The designers role is to facilitate a project and make a client’s dream become a reality. They aid the client pick all the materials and show them the best way to maximize space usage. We are finding a lot of empty nester’s are downsizing and space is becoming an important factor.

A designer can make a daunting task of a renovation seem doable. We are hoping the community and industry puts a strong emphasis on hiring professional interior designers for not only large projects, such as a new home build, but also simple room renovations. We can really take the space in your house that drives you crazy everyday to that dream space that gives you a sense of comfort and tranquility. We have so many wonderful experienced designers in AIDP that have extensive resources at their disposal,” says Selma Hammer. Please visit www.aidponline.com for more information on Association of Interior Design Professionals.

Selma Hammer Designs is known for unique but sophisticated design in casual and elegant spaces. Their latest projects have included many children’s rooms and nurseries. “We create children’s room that are versatile and that grow with the baby. They should be multi-functional. We like to design spaces that are ecofriendly, child safe and also stimulate the child’s imagination.

Speaking as a mom, I know how difficult it can be to find that special theme or items that make your child’s room a feature space in your home.  Having young children, we spend a lot of time in my children’s rooms.” says Selma Hammer. “My home is very much kid friendly. I have a 5 year old that likes to tap dance in the playroom and a one year old who likes to run around with his toy hammer and hit anything in sight! I don’t have to worry because the beautiful things in my home are either placed out of kid’s reach (on the mantle) or are things at their level that they can touch and feel! Tactile development is so important in children’s development.

So many times we take for granted the importance of having different textures in the design of our homes. A furry blanket, a hammered copper top end table and decorative metal balls can all be multi functional in your home. Not only do these things look great but also can be a little kid’s haven! The world is full of imagination and fun and I love bringing these two features in every room designed.” Please visit www.selmahammer.com for contact information for Selma Hammer.

Featured in Designer’s Spotlight

Selma Hammer brings versatility to clients with the flexibility of designing for client’s specific needs and showing them ideas that they never would have dreamed of.

Selma Hammer has strong business background with a BSBA in Marketing from Villanova University. She grew up in the fashion/fabric industry in Manhattan, NY and Jersey City, NJ.  Selma’s strong points are color and fabric selection. Selma started in the industry by her interest in design and researching products in depth. She prides herself in being knowledgeable in specific details of a certain product. She believes that continued education is the key on staying on top of trends and the industry. She first apprenticed under a veteran designer and quickly picked up on the in’s and out’s of the industry. She is called a natural in design. Selma enjoys the challenge of bringing each individual client a design that is inspired by the client’s interests and personality.

She looks for inspiration in the pieces the clients already cherish in their homes, whether it is an antique chest or a prized photograph taken by their child. She can easily bring a client the typical “Pottery Barn” style with selection of the warm reds, golden yellows and earthy greens. On the flip side, she can bring the same client a totally fresh approach with a Mediterranean Style inspired from tile from Lebanon, a Zen style with a Buddha from Indonesia, Asian Style with oriental hand painted screen or Indian inspiration with gold threaded saris used as an accent. She aims to highlight a room with pops of color. A lot of times people fall into the trap of playing it safe and incorporating only one or two colors in a room, which Selma is happy to design but she also incorporates at least one signature piece with a bold pop of color. Selma wants to not only please the client but wow everyone that walks in the client’s home.

Selma makes it a point to give back to the community. Selma is on the Fundraising Advisory Board for Homeless and Housing of the Catholic Family Center. She believes in giving people the tools that are crucial so that they can reenter the world with economic self-sufficiency. Her and her family also annually fundraises and walks for the March of Dimes Walk to save babies.

Selma resides in Victor, where she built her home with her husband Jason. Selma is the President for AIDP’s Upstate NY Chapter and focuses on highlighting the positives of the organization to the public to grow the chapter.