Fresh Inspiration From HighPoint

Why do I attend HighPoint International Home Furnishings Market? As most other designers that love to attend, I search for new fresh inspiration. My clients know I keep on top of trends and can find unique items for them when I go. They look forward to getting my texts with finds for their home that I hand select for them. Talk about adrenaline rush. I think there were several moments when I got the chills from excitement!!

The inspiration I wanted to highlight in this blog post is the human body. With natural curves, I found that I saw a lot of accessories and furniture embracing the feminine body.  I find that interiors are embracing new and innovative ways of showing off new curves in interesting proportions.

“The Two Graces
Dramatic contrasts characterize this extraordinary piece of wall art, hand made from thousand upon thousand of individual glass mosaics to reflect the contradictions of passion and detachment so perfectly embodied in Tamara de Lempicka’s art.”- Christopher Guy
I’m a huge fan of mosaic art, whether it’s in wall hanging, kitchen back splashes or in furniture. The detail of the placement fascinates me. It a process that takes many hours of precision, patience and talent. This art piece was incredibly beautiful, dramatic and sensual.
A softly carved bust of a woman caught in the precise moment of her own ‘modesty’. This stone carving displays the emotion of modesty whilst continuing to demonstrate true beauty” – Christopher Guy
This sculpture was striking and really caught my attention. This is a woman that is trying to be private but is exposing something quite private about her. I think she is trying to cover herself but at the same time she wants you to look.
Lost in each others’ gaze, two lovers are immortalized in this achingly romantic hand carved wood sculpture.”- Christopher Guy
So this one was quite confusing to me. I didn’t understand if it was two pregnant women and I think I said it out loud and got a bunch of laughs around me. Aside from the giggles, I think this piece is so intimate and loving. The two people are arching their backs to expose a body part that most of us try to suck in. They are so in love with each other that they hide no inhibitions.
“Lost in Thought
An interpretive carving demonstrating our recognizable ability to ponder and go deep in thought. Displayed atop a Bar cabinet, or any other location, this image creates conversation wherever it is viewed. Carved from solid (wood) a truly fanciful piece.” – Christopher Guy
So do you find yourself in this position quite often. Lately, I feel as though I’m reevaluating my life and my priorities and find myself drifting off in my thoughts. I like the fact that there are no facial features because I see myself in this sculpture. It also feels youthful. Growing up I did a lot more thinking than acting.
“Imagine a jigsaw consisting of 18,000 pieces, each individually cut to size, painted in its own unique shade of color, enhanced by a sprinkle of semi-precious stones… That is the magnitude of the work and skills required to create this Klimt inspired masterpiece, complete with the Christopher Guy thirteen panel twist.”- Christopher Guy
I think this maybe my current favorite art piece. I’m loving the colors that all come together. I like the fact that you have to put the pieces together in your head as they are floating on the wall seperated. The vibrant colors are so gorgeous. As for inspiration, I say if you can find the colors put together in art, fabric or in nature, you can recreate them in your space or home. Talk about jewelry for your home. Isn’t this piece stunning?
“A contemporary styled Christopher Guy signature end table crafted from solid mahogany with ampersand form seamlessly connecting the legs in a delightful decorative flourish.” – Christopher Guy
This table is so striking and beautiful. It is so versatile in the style and dimension. The details are breath taking.  So maybe you don’t want to spend the money on a full designer room, that’s okay, invest in one piece that will be make guests ooohhh and aaahh! 
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