What Excites Me? Fabric!

As an interior designer, I get introduced to many trends, products, the up & coming in home furnishings (#hpmkt), educational presentations and manufacturers. Sometimes I get blown away or I just keep seeing the same thing over & over- snooze alert. My clients like things that are a bit different and unique. Things you can’t easily find and they hire me to pull it all together and bring in an element that has a bit unexpected. One of the signature traits of my work is the “wow factor” in all my rooms. Something that sparks conversation; makes you do a double take or makes you want to touch, feel or look closer.

The following products made me want to touch, feel and look closer.

This delicious ottoman makes you want to go closer and feel the fabric. It makes you want to sit on it and rub your hand across it to see what kind of fabric it is. It has a bronze metalized look to it and it’s a sumptuous ottoman by Leathercraft.

This chair shown above is another Leathercraft splendor. The front has subtle leather and the back has a gorgeous black and white large scale damask print. The studding adds another interesting detail and wowza! The different fabric on the back is unexpected and playful.

One of the best find this market for me was drapes, fabrics and pillows by Softline Home Fashions. I’m tremendously excited to offer my clients luxurious drapes with embroidery, poly blend linens, beautiful ikat fabrics, geometric patterns, men’s wear looks, such as hound stooth, etc.. There is no limit with this company. I especially enjoyed meeting with one of the co-owners, Jason Carr. You can immediately feel his passion for the business. The company has grown significantly since its inception over 10 years ago.

What I really like about some of the panels are that they are a few inches wider since they use 60” fabric instead of the commonly used 54” drapery fabric. I’ve always wondered why this isn’t done more commonly since I grew up in the fabric industry. They are offered in numerous lengths which is exciting for taller ceiling heights.  I’m happy to offer custom, high-end looks for affordable prices. Typically, once the fabric is purchased by yard (depending on what country it’s from, the demand, the availability, the design and exclusivity) then sent to my window workroom for construction and you add labor, it can sometimes be costly for simpler window treatments. Softline is on top of trends and you can tell that they will continue to grow and be ahead of the game. This enables the end user, my clients, to reap fashion forward looks and styles for a fraction of custom designed costs.

For more info on fabric and furniture, subscribe to blog.selmahammer.com or visit selmahammer.com for details on purchasing any of these products. Remember working with your interior designer, like myself, will mostly likely save you on retail prices because we typically work directly with manufacturers. It always saves you money in the long run because the project is completed with thorough supervision, attention to all details and coordinates with your design aesthetic. You project is completed right the first time around!