OlioHop with Selma! Tween Boy Bedroom

How can you express your design wishes with little to no experience? How can you create that dream children’s room? Have you heard about Olioboard? Don’t miss out!

I’m really overjoyed at the opportunity to create a children’s room via the #OlioHop blog event! One of my favorite rooms to design that is near and dear to my heart is a child’s room. I love creating rooms that are eclectic and have unexpected elements. A seriously great design always includes taking risks and trying something you normally wouldn’t have!

Go to www.olioboard.com to see how you can create some 2D & 3D Home Decor or Fashion moodboards! If you are itching to create and be creative, there is an outlet for you. If you are terrified at the prospect, hire a designer. There are many of us available for e-design services. You give us information via in-person or via Skype, phone or email. We get to know you, your wishes, your space and design dilemma. It’s great if you are daunted by the time constraints of your schedule or the millions of options out there.

I urge you to reply to this email with some questions, comments, photos, etc… with design questions and I’ll try my best to help you!


Start with something that inspires you. Consider your practical functions, is it a bedroom so you need to place the bed on the wall that makes the best sense for everything else you need to include. Is it a multi-functioning room, where you spend a lot of free time, work time and jam in?

What are your hobbies? How does the flow of the room work? Do you need ample storage? What colors do you like? What kind of feeling do you want when you walk in and sit in the room?

In this moodboard which emulates a modern, eclectic boy Tween Room, the inspiration was some modern, geometric gray drapes. I wanted the room to have an element of sophistication and if the homeowner decides to redecorate in the future, they can use these neutral, yet very stylish drapes again.

The drapes set the tone because there are three sizable windows in the room, they anchor the wall and add a masculine softness to the room using textiles to break up the hardwood and the enormity of the room.

When dealing with children’s rooms, the desire of the client is really important, including the parents and the kids! The room has to represent the individual child and their interests but also flow with the style of the rest of the house. This type of room is definitely one where you can go have fun with design wise because the door can be closed off and the child can be taken away to their own little retreat!

The room I created allows a child to play music, read magazines, do homework, hang out with their friends, be creative, write & read music and most importantly get some quality sleep!

I’ve used some vibrant reds and oranges in some of the fabric prints (Ikat found in the ottoman cubes) and upholstered items (modern chairs) to create a contrast with the dark masculine grays and hardwoods.

If you any other questions, please don’t hesitate to add comments. You can visit selmahammer.com, Like us on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Selma-Hammer-Designs/167088703347770, follow me on Twitter: https://twitter.com/#!/DesignerSelma, follow my pinboards at http://pinterest.com/selmahammer/ and see all my Olioboardshttp://olioboard.com/users/selmahammerdesigns

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