What Moms Need! #OlioHop 3

What Moms Need!

What do woman want? We want to feel beautiful, loved, cherished, strong and confident. We want to surround ourselves with positive people and things. We love beautiful things and enjoy conversations about the things we love in life. We all strive to meet that person we can share these things with. We strive to find a career where we feel successful, passionate, help others and have a sense of pride and accomplishment.

In that journey to find the things we love and to do what we truly love, we need time to reflect. We need a space to find solace, peace, and serenity. A place that envelopes us, has elements of our favorite things, colors and includes the beauty we seek in life.

To me, life is about these things. Making sure I have the right support system of people that I love and love me back. Also, it’s important for me to learn every day. Learn something new about the world, my children, my career or how to help others. In order to do these things, I’ve learned that I have to look inward and find my inner peace. All mothers have the toughest job, raising children who are good people. The pressure is overwhelming at times. It’s stressful and hectic as we try to juggle taking care of them, our significant others, our career and the few minutes we have to take of ourselves. We all need a Mom Retreat within our homes. A space we can run away too or a place to reflect, to read, to learn and be the best person we can be.

How do we become that best person? We take care of ourselves so we can be the strongest person; so our children can learn that mommy is someone I look up too. When we have time to rest, we can re-energize. We all need an allotted time each day to re-energize! We’ve all been at a point of being completely burnt out. We all have certain weaknesses that we spend our money on….shoes, purses, jewelry, pretty nails, books, clothing, etc. Well, it’s time to spend money on a place that looks and feels like our personal getaway. A vacation is a temporary retreat that lasts for a week and then you are back to the grind. How many times have we spent a month preparing for a week vacation? Then we come back to the same grind of laundry, a thousand emails, phone calls, correspondence- all the things that overwhelm us and we wonder, was is worth it for that week off?!

If we create a space for us in our homes, we have a personal vacation every day!!! There is no price tag on that!! Whether it’s taking your walk in closet and putting in a vanity in it to do your makeup in peace. When I built my house, I was planning on doing this so I had a place to hide, I called it my “Mom Cave” like Batman’s “Bat Cave.” Unfortunately, we ended up putting more storage in that space and my dream has not been met. How many of us hide in the bathroom? Even that’s hard to do. I get the knocking of the door, the kids trying to come in, the spouse asking if everything is ok… Geez people, let me have 15 minutes of PEACE!!! PLEASE!!!

A great read is Le Chic Cocoon by designer Jennifer Duchene. In this book, she talks about understanding how much we give to everyone else and how we build our own prison until “we weep with exhaustion and emptiness.” I agree with this, how many times have you heard from other people, “I don’t know how you do it all?” You are “Super Woman.” Most of the time, I don’t think about it and automatically go through the motions. I am a robot. I’m slowly destroying myself as I’m building everyone else up!! How often do we take a bath? I have this amazing Jacuzzi tub in my bathroom and I take a bath maybe 4 times a year! I walk by it numerous times a day. It doesn’t register that maybe instead of taking a 5 minute shower, I should soak in that tub for 20 minutes and be re-energized for the whole week!!

As I’m writing this blog post, my 6 year old daughter gave me a note, “Witis it take so loan? (What’s taking so long?)” She drew a stick figure girl with a grim face, big bulging eyes and she is wearing high heels…that’s my girl. This just an example of a day in the life!

I have created an Olioboard (online moodboard) at olioboard.com, an amazing, free online design resource. I love to create these boards for my clients and sometimes just to get my inspiration flowing. My space is an indoor/outdoor space (sun porch) that has a beautiful view with lots of cushions, pillows and the colors I love. It’s relaxing, yet represents me with the bold bright colors and my love of nature. There are fun, intricate patterned pillows mixed in with the solid bold bright colors. The fabric is “Sunbrella like” in the fact they are indoor/outdoor use. If I spill wine on them, it won’t absorb into the fabric! This fabric is very easy to care for. Notice I have the table set for a special lunch or dinner with a close friend. I enjoy spending time with my friends and sharing stories of our lives and how we can grow and learn from our situations. I have a woman’s best friend hanging out to great me with undivided attention and someone to cuddle with! We all need that cuddle buddy!

My retreat space has my favorite things from the feel of exotic locations. Moroccan inspired lanterns with a touch of glam (love the metal). Also, the Mediterranean feel of the terracotta and natural stone floor tiles. The deep teal colors of a tropical sea. There are textural elements that add visual interest and warmth such as the woven baskets filled with colorful flowers. Also, the woven intricate patterns of the plates on the wall remind me of my Central Asian culture. The geometric patterns in the space represent the symmetry and balance that I like to achieve in my life.

One of my biggest loves in life is FABRIC! I grew up in the textile industry and can hoard tons of beautiful fabrics. I love the texture, warmth and feel of flowing fabric. The fabric shown in this olioboard is from Softline Home Fashions, www.softlineonline.com. It is the indoor/outdoor use fabric. It’s not that fabric you think of when you think of outdoor fabric; it isn’t hard, crunchy and forest green! The colors and weight of outdoor fabric has come a long way with new dying and weaving technologies. I use it a lot in my clients’ homes where they have children and pets. Their concern is having the look and feel of beautiful fabric but they need a material that holds up. My favorite application for Sunbrella like fabric is for cushions- bench, ottomans or dining chairs. I like using it in areas like mudrooms, foyers, kitchens and dining rooms where there is a lot of use and potential for staining and beverage spillage.

For those of us lucky enough to visit Las Vegas Gift+Home Market this week, please visit Softline Home Fashions at booth C-424. Tell them hello and that I sent you over. They have many gorgeous fabrics that are not only pretty but washable. They pride themselves on “Affordable Elegance,” which many of us that are budget conscious love to hear! For my clients, I sell their drapes and fabrics. For those of you who enjoy shopping online, you can find their products at Nordstrom, JCPenny, Walmart, Bed, Bath & Beyond and many other retailers.

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