First 3 Fall High Point Market Ballin’ Highlights

My favorite analogy for High Point Home Furnishings Market is to say what Vegas is to Gamblers is what High Point Market is to Interior Designers!!

So many pretty things, so many amazing people, educational & uplifting events, inspiration everywhere and meeting new friends! What more can you ask for? If you are in the interior design business, manufacturer of home furnishings or own a retail store front that specializes in home decor and furniture, don’t wait any longer if you have never been!! My first High Point Market was two years ago, October 2010 and I’ve been to every market ever since. I have to say by FAR this past market was the most rewarding and amazing experience.

Here are my first 3 Highlights! Believe me this is no easy task!

1) Meeting all my fellow 9th Style Spotter Contest Finalists! Thank you to Cheminne Taylor-Smith, VP of Marketing for High Point Market and her idea of launching this contest for the first time using Olioboard’s amazing platform! It’s my favorite website by far and it is such an amazing design tool! This contest exploded all over social media platforms as we all competed with the hope to be a Highly Recognized and Desired “Tastemaker” for High Point Market. Style Spotters get to go around all of market and select their favorite products and top trends. Thanks to all who supported me and I will soon announce publicly the winner of my blog prize for the voting entry contest (just waiting for all the gifts to come in)! The taste makers curate their favorite looks & products on Pinterest. Please check out their pinboards, as the contest ends tomorrow! I want to give a special shout out to the 9th Style Spotter contest winner, Lisa Mende for her hard work to gain thousands of votes! It was a very competitive contest that most of us battled to the end!

9th Style Spotter Winner

Lisa is so creative, she is running a contest, enter by going to her pinboard and repinning, liking her fantastic picks. Check out her blog for more details at I have to say it was an absolute pleasure to meet her. She is an inspiration to all of us, as we all have our personal struggles and she is someone that has been through so much, yet she is the sweetest person. She has a drive and passion for our industry, which is so nice to be surrounded with. You go girl!! xoxo.

2) Attending our Finalist Event at CR Laine and meeting the fabulously talented Holly McLay Blalock, VP of Merchandising/Marketing of CR Laine, who was kind enough to host and honor us at the showroom!

Lovely Turkish Rug Ottomans

One of my favorite things about the showroom was Holly explaining the significance of the antique Turkish Rug Ottomans. The rugs go through a thorough cleaning process and then Turkish Women make the ottomans to help raise money for their dowries.  I can relate to this because when Jason wanted to marry me, my family asked for a $250 dowry for tradition sake and I totally laughed so hard….seriously, I’m worth at least 10 goats! For those of you that don’t know me, I am of a similar cultural background. In all seriousness, the ottomans are amazingly gorgeous and soft. They are definitely a statement piece and very versatile. For our finalist picture, a few of us crawled up on one and got to try one out!

Style Spotter Finalists at CR Laine

There are so many beautiful room settings that Holly, personally gave us a tour and the picture below is one of my favorite bedroom settings. The theme of the showroom was 50 Shades of Green, which makes me so happy because it’s my favorite color. Please click on photo to see the facebook album of their showroom.

3) All the amazing seminars and the presenters! I took away something from each one. One of the most inspirational and motivating was at the Withit sponsored breakfast with Julia Rosien, Angelo Surmelis and Kathy Ireland. This presentation was more casual with Julia prompting questions on how Angelo and Kathy achieved their successes. They were very inspiring in their stories of their tenacity and passion. Kathy said something that really stuck with me…”Take a ‘No’ as a start to the conversation.” She took something that has a negative meaning and spun it around to show you that even a “No” is a response and to keep at something you truly believe in.

Angelo Surmelis, myself and Julia Rosien

Because I have so much more to say and share with you about market, I will continue will multiple posts about my experience. Please stay tuned for the next 7 favorite highlights with my furniture finds, other amazing people I met, celebrity spottings and great take way advice!