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First 3 Fall High Point Market Ballin’ Highlights

My favorite analogy for High Point Home Furnishings Market is to say what Vegas is to Gamblers is what High Point Market is to Interior Designers!!

So many pretty things, so many amazing people, educational & uplifting events, inspiration everywhere and meeting new friends! What more can you ask for? If you are in the interior design business, manufacturer of home furnishings or own a retail store front that specializes in home decor and furniture, don’t wait any longer if you have never been!! My first High Point Market was two years ago, October 2010 and I’ve been to every market ever since. I have to say by FAR this past market was the most rewarding and amazing experience.

Here are my first 3 Highlights! Believe me this is no easy task!

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Fashion+Decor, Black & Gold

Love fashion? Love shopping? You can pull your favorite items from your closet, fashion magazine or images from the latest Paris runway and bring that inspiration into your home. This theme of pulling fashion inspiration into home decor is becoming more and more prevalent with the accessibility of the internet. The ability to find the latest trends in fashions off the runway and the latest home decor are just clicks away. High Point Home Furnishings Market starts Saturday, October 13th and the main theme throughout will be Fashion Focus, www.highpointmarket.org. For this Fashion + Decor Blog Hop, I pulled my favorite runway pieces right off pinterest.com.

I’ve been really gravitating to Black & Gold lately. I’m thinking with the holidays coming up and the colder weather approaching us, I find some comfort in the color black. Metallics have been huge in fashion for quite sometime now (at least a couple seasons) and are always great for holiday wear. I feel like the trend from silver is gravitating to more golden tones, even some rich bronzes. I grew up in the fashion and fabric industry and remember back in the late 80′s and early 90′s when black brocade with gold metallic thread with even some gold lame was really in. Almost everyone was buying the gold lame.

If you are not familiar with what kind of fabric lame is, see Elvis wearing it! Uhhh-huhhh



Important Note: Please don’t get the idea that me posting this image as a recommendation of wearing all gold or decorating your whole room in gold metallic fabric!


Don’t be this guy, rocking the MC Hammer pants. I don’t recommend walking the streets or rocking the clubs looking like him, unless you want to get a beat down… There is a reason he is wearing sun glasses. The glare of his clothing is just down right blinding…Ouch!

However, I found a fabulous dress in gold from Saks Fifth Avenue, so there is a little hope if you want to be ultra shiny.


According to InStyle.com and their Fall 2012 Fashion Trends, “Let gold dominate. It’s more fun and flattering. Do not let any other color come out to play with these two (referring to black & gold). No jewelry except for gold earrings. Find one knockout garment that will take you through the holiday and beyond.” I recommend wearing a bold black piece if you want to really go for the gold, such as a strong black jacket or adding some black accessories (jewelry, shoes or purse). The best way to wear it or style it in your home is to find a nice balance of both black and gold.



Click On My Olioboard









The main inspiration in my room design was this fabulous dress in black and gold brocade. It has beautiful trim detail and is paired with fabulous geometric cuff bracelets that remind me of Greek Keys. The dress has an ancient Asian feel with modern, edgy lines that results in a flattering and form fitting design.


I’m also absolutely in love with these coordinating shoes from Manolo Blahnik….oh la la!——–>


If they are a little too matchy for you, I have another fabulous to-die for pair of Alexander McQueen heels….

Mmmm deliciosa



These shoes will certainly have all eyes staring at you! How do we achieve an ultra fabulous room that has the details, visual interest and feel of all this fashion eye candy?

First, I started by applying an amazing gold damask wallpaper to my olioboard, go to Olioboard.com to create your own mood board. It’s fun, simple and available for anyone to use! I then layered some luxurious black velvet drapes from West Elm for a nice bold contrast to the walls. I incorporated a strong black sectional sofa to really anchor the space.

I added the Greek Key Rug in black and white that reminded me of the gorgeous cuffs the model is wearing with the Leonard Collection Dress. This Trina Turk Greek Key Rug found at laylagrayce.com takes the ancient Greek Key motif and makes it look modern and fresh. So accessorize your room as you would your body, add an unexpected piece for a nice “Wow” factor. I do this in all my designs. At times, my clients can be bit skeptical but when you step back and look at the overall finished room, it certainly always makes the design. My recommendation is to take a little risk and it will go a long way!

One of my favorite pieces in the room is the artwork, called Dress One by one of my fellow OlioHop bloggers, Robin Pedrero. Robin is amazingly talented and I selected her painting as a beautiful touch of elegance and to add softness to the space. There are many angular elements in the room and the painting reminds me of a beautiful Monet watercolor painting but with a beautiful fashion element with the the dress as the focal point. You can find more of Robin’s artwork at http://www.etsy.com/shop/RobinMariaPedrero

The power of olioboard.com is you can be your own artist. You can take a piece of fabric and make it a wallpaper to see how it would look on your wall then go and try to find a product similiar. Most of the time, you can shop the product by just clicking on the image on your own olioboard or other olioboard designs you love! It’s so simple! I was a bit creative with the Sophia Table from Layla Grayce. It’s one of my all time favorite tables. It’s actually a dining table but in my design, I really wanted to use it as a coffee table by the sofa.

It has a strong masculine espresso table top but the antique gold legs add a feminine curvy effect that looks like a piece of art.

Another piece that is a small element of the room but makes a strong visual impact is the lumbar pillow found on the black wingback chair, it’s a John Richard pillow found at lampsplus.com. I’ve bought lighting at Lamps Plus before but to my surprise, they also carry home accessories and decor items!





If you are not ready to redo your whole room (like most of us) but want to use some of what you already have to emulate a similar look, I can give you a few tips:

1- You can always slipcover your sofa with black fabric.

2- Purchase some decorative pillows. I suggest contrasting the black with black & white print or gold & white fabric pillows.

3- You can change out your lighting, which can be an investment into your home. For some active home buyers out there, such as myself, I always look at what kind of overhead lighting is in a potential home I’m looking at buying. A fabulous chandelier such as the black one found in my design can be found at laylagrayce.com. If it’s something you absolutely love, take it with you when you move, which I’ve done with a chandelier that was given to us by our parents.

4- Don’t forget to add table lamps for ambient lighting and task lighting too when you don’t want to use overhead lighting. I am in love with this lamp found at wayfair.com, one of my favorite websites ever. You can pretty much find anything and everything for your home there. Shhh…it’s my secret weapon (for finding fantastic interior design items).

Please join me in this Blog Hop today by visiting 9 other extremely talented bloggers. Check out their olioboards and interior design tips with their take on Fashion + Decor inspiration:


Thanks so much for stopping by, please join us on olioboard.com for some #OLIOLOVE and create a fun moodboard, using some of your fashion inspiration to create a fun 2D or 3D room design. Please be sure to comment on my blog for feedback. Hope something in my post inspired you or at least made you chuckle!


I’m Going For the HighPoint Market Gold!

How can I be the Michael Phelps of Interior Design? Well, for starters you can help me by voting for my olioboard! Uh, right now for swimming, I’m one of those people that buys a speedo for $100, does one lap and squeals for breath!! When it comes to designing rooms, I’m in training for the GOLD…but I need your HELP DESPERATELY!


Click on this link above! Log in via Facebook or Twitter and click on the right heart on the bottom right corner with a plus sign. You can vote once a day! Every vote you give me, I will enter you in an EXCITING CONTEST…

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What Excites Me? Fabric!

As an interior designer, I get introduced to many trends, products, the up & coming in home furnishings (#hpmkt), educational presentations and manufacturers. Sometimes I get blown away or I just keep seeing the same thing over & over- snooze alert. My clients like things that are a bit different and unique. Things you can’t easily find and they hire me to pull it all together and bring in an element that has a bit unexpected. One of the signature traits of my work is the “wow factor” in all my rooms. Something that sparks conversation; makes you do a double take or makes you want to touch, feel or look closer.

The following products made me want to touch, feel and look closer.

This delicious ottoman makes you want to go closer and feel the fabric. It makes you want to sit on it and rub your hand across it to see what kind of fabric it is. It has a bronze metalized look to it and it’s a sumptuous ottoman by Leathercraft.

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Fresh Inspiration From HighPoint

Why do I attend HighPoint International Home Furnishings Market? As most other designers that love to attend, I search for new fresh inspiration. My clients know I keep on top of trends and can find unique items for them when I go. They look forward to getting my texts with finds for their home that I hand select for them. Talk about adrenaline rush. I think there were several moments when I got the chills from excitement!!

The inspiration I wanted to highlight in this blog post is the human body. With natural curves, I found that I saw a lot of accessories and furniture embracing the feminine body.  I find that interiors are embracing new and innovative ways of showing off new curves in interesting proportions.

“The Two Graces
Dramatic contrasts characterize this extraordinary piece of wall art, hand made from thousand upon thousand of individual glass mosaics to reflect the contradictions of passion and detachment so perfectly embodied in Tamara de Lempicka’s art.”- Christopher Guy
I’m a huge fan of mosaic art, whether it’s in wall hanging, kitchen back splashes or in furniture. The detail of the placement fascinates me. It a process that takes many hours of precision, patience and talent. This art piece was incredibly beautiful, dramatic and sensual.

HighPoint Home Furnishings Market April 2-5, 2011

As some of you may know, I attended HighPoint Market a couple weeks ago. It was really fabulous! Great new trends. As with any trend, it’s typically everywhere!! The big “in” thing right now is the “Paris Flea Market” look. Lots of mercury glass in light fixtures, candelabras and accessories. Lots of whitewash and reclaimed wood. A lot of rustic furniture and Paris this and that EVERYWHERE! The good thing is I LOVE PARIS and hope to visit there some day soon (in my dreams).

My favorite, favorite showrooms were Luna Bella, Arteriors and Regina Andrews. Makes me want to take all the stuff in my house, rent a dumpster and start chucking things out the window! Gorgeous stuff all over the place. Everything is new, artistic and fresh. Just like fashion, the new shirt on the rack seems sooo very enticing. I did shop for clients and I’m dying to show them all the great finds that would be exactly what they would have picked if they had been there with me. As always, I pick things that are an expression of your style and personality.

By the way, I had the pleasure of meeting Ty Pennington, the host of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. He was just like he is on TV, really nice, random and hilarious! He gave a presentation on how he got to where he did today and what he enjoys to do in the industry of home renovations, designing furniture and being a workaholic. As many of you, I first started being a big fan in the days of Trading Spaces! He said those days started the DIY fever for viewers all over the country. The funny part is that the designers on the show were not doing things for good design and functionality as a priority but for creativity and wackiness….remember the wall of old records that Frank did?