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I’m Going For the HighPoint Market Gold!

How can I be the Michael Phelps of Interior Design? Well, for starters you can help me by voting for my olioboard! Uh, right now for swimming, I’m one of those people that buys a speedo for $100, does one lap and squeals for breath!! When it comes to designing rooms, I’m in training for the GOLD…but I need your HELP DESPERATELY!


Click on this link above! Log in via Facebook or Twitter and click on the right heart on the bottom right corner with a plus sign. You can vote once a day! Every vote you give me, I will enter you in an EXCITING CONTEST…

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Home Office Serenity- OLIOHOP #2

In Need of Creating the Ideal Home Office?

For details on Olioboard shown here: http://olioboard.com/boards/116216-office-organizing-gone-chic

Here are some steps to consider when you are converting that guest room or basement into that much needed home office.

The trend in homes is having a home office. Whether you are an executive that needs to check emails and send correspondence in the evening or just can’t ever take a full day off or a stay at home mom looking for some extra income, you need a space that you can call your own and is organized.

STEP 1: CHUCK THE CHAOS: Make sure everything in your Office is relevant.

I’m sure there are random trophies, old textbooks from college, unfinished projects and old product samples; you think you’ll one day need. NEWS FLASH: chuck it!! It’s liberating and just cluttering up your life. Move on and make space for more relevant and new fresh décor items or the latest Apple gadget!

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OlioHop with Selma! Tween Boy Bedroom

How can you express your design wishes with little to no experience? How can you create that dream children’s room? Have you heard about Olioboard? Don’t miss out!

I’m really overjoyed at the opportunity to create a children’s room via the #OlioHop blog event! One of my favorite rooms to design that is near and dear to my heart is a child’s room. I love creating rooms that are eclectic and have unexpected elements. A seriously great design always includes taking risks and trying something you normally wouldn’t have!

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Brand & Image Include Updating Your Office Interior

First impressions are everything. That doesn’t just include personal appearance but the appearance of your brand and image, which includes your office space. When a potential client or existing client walks into your space, what is their impression? Wow, they really have a successful business with a well designed space and nice color flow throughout? Is it the opposite, wow, this place looks like it hasn’t been updated in decades, they must not invest in their business and interested in growing. Complacency doesn’t just apply to business practices, it applies to interior and exterior design appearance of your brand and image, including your office space.

Commercial Redesign of a Realty Office. The before included mismatched flooring, wall paper, uneven floors and when I walked into the space, my first reaction was to walk right out! Now, it’s warm, inviting and makes you want to do business with the firm.

This room was unusable before with the back wall covered with outdated amber tinted wall of mirrors. Can you say Poconos in 1980’s or Atlantic City in 1970’s? We unearthed an old fireplace that was hidden behind mirrors and dry wall. The goal was to keep the architecture of when the home was built so we re-purposed the old fireplace. All the original bricks were used but the painter filled in the missing chunks and painted it to look brand new!

The stairs were covered in carpet and the railing had thick white chipping paint. The carpet was stripped and instead of re-carpeting, I suggested staining the original hardwoods. The railing was stripped and the railing was stained and the spindles were painted white=> immediately updated. The foyer before was used as a reception area, blocking the unused front door and had uneven carpeted floors. Pretty much every wall space had awful wallpaper that was papered at different decades. I called the original condition of the office an unattractive, mismatched quilt that didn’t work!