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Darling Dorm Decor

Going to college can be an overwhelming task. There are many emotions involved for the student and the parents. The best way to handle the endeavor is to make lists. I remember when I was going into my freshmen year. I turned to AOL chats to meet people in my school and ask for advise as to what to bring and meet some people before I got to my school. I didn’t know anyone from my high school graduating year that was going to my university and I was the oldest child and first grandchild going to college! Holy smokes, the pressure! What do I bring? What do I wear? How do I act?

Moodboard created at Olioboard.com

You probably received a checklist from your school or you can find many online. I found a useful one at www.pbteen.com, click http://www.pbteen.com/shop/pbdorm/college-checklist/?cm_type=lnav to see the items that they recommend.How do you decorate your dorm room? Mostly likely your room at home has the decor you’ve had for a while, so take this opportunity to start fresh and go for a more grown up look but with all the colors you love. Make your space personal but remember not to bring things that are very valuable. Most, likely you will be eating, drinking and studying on your bed, so the best option is to purchase a durable and ultra washable duvet cover and removable blanket over your duvet. I would opt for several layers, because you may not have room for a sofa in your dorm room so when all your friends come over, they’ll be sitting on your bed. Also, several layers are smart for not only your clothing as temperatures change from your 8AM class to your 8PM group project meeting, but also in layering your decor on your bed. Remember you most likely have to share a space with someone that doesn’t care for the same room temperature, so you can either kick off layers of blankets or if your roomate is an eskimo, you can add layers.

The best advice I got from an older student at my college was to bring a mattress cover and an egg crate foam mattress topper. My suggestion is to spend the extra money on one that is ultra durable, thick and now they have memory foam options. Most of the time you will be running on little sleep as you will be either partying or studying to the wee hours of the morning. You need to make sure your sleep is ultra restful. Sleep is for breaks and long weekends at home!

The main decor items that will make your room really stand out on the dorm floor are your area rug, your bedding, your lighting and storage items. Storage items sound really boring but are key since there is limited space in your dorm room. You most likely will have less room then at home; sometimes half the space because you’ll mostly likely have a roomate. You want to do your storage ”homework” by going to the Container Store, Target or Walmart. My favorite storage item for dorm rooms is the plastic drawers that you can stack. You can fit all your toiletries in one and your dry food items in the other. Also, you’ll most likely get limited closet space so make sure you buy those thin hangers so you can maximize your closet hanging space.

Check out this helpful infographic from mint.com on how to decorate your dorm room:

 The most frustrating thing if you love color is that you can’t paint your cinder block walls. They are cold and instutional looking. My recommendation is to buy some cool wall decals as shown in my Olioboard above! Also, select really fun and bright bedding! You can design your own bedding at http://www.pbteen.com/shop/pbdorm/featured-dorm-design-bed/?cm_re=12SumD2Dorm-_-Featured-_-BeddingTool. Even if you don’t buy all your bedding from Pottery Barn Teen, you can play around with mixing different colors and patterns to get inspiration for your room.

Another really important factor is to consider lighting! You may not get a ton of natural light in your room because your view maybe staring at another dorm building. This can make your feel drab and not able to stay awake all hours of the night when you have to pull an all nighter study session during mid-terms and finals. Buy some table lamps and even a hookable, overhead plug-in chandelier to add some elegance and flair to your dorm room! You can buy removable 3M hooks to hang pictures and clothing (hats, robes and jackets) on your walls.

Remember: 1) Include your favorite colors 2) Lighting, lighting, lighting 3) Washable and durable bedding 4) Splurge on a padded mattress cover and 5) Lots of multifunctioning storage containers!

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Get in the Mood to Cre8! Using Olioboard.com- 2D & 3D Moodboard Guide

Ok, so what’s this site that all the buzz is around, especially in the design community? It’s Olioboard.com and if you haven’t heard about it, you are missing out my friends!! I discovered it a couple weeks ago, when I was sick and stuck at home for week with bronchitis. I was on twitter and kept seeing mentions of Pinterest and Olioboard. I saw something about Olioboard being a moodboard tool to create design boards, so automatically a light bulb went off. It can be time consuming coming up with hand made design boards and I do everything on my computer, hence why I’ll be getting carpal tunnel surgery in a couple months!

Okay so what is Olioboard- it’s a tool where you have a blank sheet to add background, products from tons of different vendors, such as Layla Grace, Spirit of Sports, West Elm, Arteriors, Worlds Away, Dwell, Home Decorators, PoshTots etc…

Step One (you’ll have so much fun!): First you need a concept and a plan. Are you going to do a board strictly to compete in the many fun contests the Olioboard community suggests or one sponsored by Olioboard’s affliates, such as PoshTots Nursery contest (ended on 1/30/12) or the “Man Cave” Spirit of Sports contest, starting on 2/1/12? What parameters does the contest have; do you need to feature some of the sponsor’s products? For the majority, you are not competing in a contest. You are probably looking to see how you can put a room together and how all the pieces of the puzzle all come together, such as wall & window treatments, flooring and various products. For designer’s you can use Olioboard to present to your client’s with or without your pricing. For consumer’s, it’s like a fun game! Do you like to craft, scrapbook, stamp, and/or collage, well Olioboard is for YOU!

Step Two (there is so much you can do): You need a background. You can select flooring, wallpaper, windows to enter in the space. The key is enlarging or shrinking items to the size you desire. You drag it from the menu of items to your board after you have chosen to “+create board.” When you click on the specific item it will show a white circle. You can click the solid circle and pull it to the left or right to spin the item so a vertical mirror can be changed to be horizontal such as the one pictured on my board.

Step Three (let out your glee): If you want a 3D board you can google 3D room backgrounds and have some options through sites such as shutterstock. Also, Olioboard has a hand full of backgrounds (more to come according to the company) by clicking on the tab All Sets then scrolling to Rooms. You drag the room picture you want and slide it over your empty board. Tip: Make your board smaller by zooming in on the bottom left hand corner and clicking the minus button or sliding it down so you can see how much room on the board you have to work with  (so you can see that you are covering all the ground you need). You want your background image to cover as much of the board, so you have more room to play.

Step Four (products galore): Tip: Adding large items to your board first will save you lots of tweaking time. If you are going to add window treatments, flooring, wall paper, fireplace, etc.. DO THAT FIRST. Crop the items, if you need to flip them, which flips the item horizontally. If you flop it makes the item upside down. You can make a item bigger by clicking the solid circle and pulling up or down with your mouse (I have a laptop and I use my fingers to open and close like an iPad or iPhone). So if you are placing items on the board on the background and they disappear but you see a dotted circle your item is behind the background. You have to click front on the tool bar and it places the item to the front of all items at the time in your olioboard. Tip: This tool is incredibly important when you are layering items, such as pillows onto a sofa on top of wall paper on top of a background.

Step Five (Hope you are still alive?): The neat thing is you can put any product from the internet on your board. If you can right click on an image from the internet and save as. Then you can upload the .jpeg into My Images (tip: images have to be smaller than 1MB). You then click on My Images, click on upload then add images, upload items. Then name your product, give it tags, put the source, where to purchase (which could be you with your designer pricing), price it and the best part is you can either make this information available to the public or click private. I’ve used both options.

At first, I didn’t realize the thousands of great products already uploaded into Olioboard’s categories and products, which you can easily search for. I would pull them in laboriously one by one from Arteriors, etc… In the olioboard shown here, I used browsed by keyword on olioboard items such as “orange,” “pendants,” “blue rug,” “orange sofa”, etc..

My first moodboard took most of a day, which is not the case if you know what you are doing, which I’m hoping to help you with. Tip: Be careful of objects that have busy backgrounds that you only need the main object from, i.e. if there is a gorgeous vase you would like to use an image of, but it has other vases around it or it is placed on an ugly background that background will show when you upload it to Olioboard. You can use photoshop or try to pick items directly from manufacturer sites, they typically don’t stage their products with tons of objects around it. Another tool is to use cropping to get rid of unwanted bordering items in a picture.

Step Six (get to the mix -ing of textures): How do I create a 3D look? You have to choose items that are angled in the photo to drag over to place on angled side walls. Not all products are on an angle. If they are on an angle you can flip them to be angled differently to place on the opposing wall. Tip: If you need more than one of the same item, first size the original item to the finished size then click duplicate. The duplicate will be on top of the first item so you just click on it and drag to where you need to place it. I use this tool for items such as pillows, pendants, bar stools, etc..

Step Seven (in design heaven?): How do you get that 3D effect in your board with the products you use? So in reality, if you are to stand at the end of a room, the objects that are closest to you are larger and when you are standing far away from things they appear smaller. Use this rule of thumb when placing items on the back wall, you make them smaller. On objects that are at the bottom of the board, the items that are closest to you, you enlarge them. This takes some playing around to get the item to the size you need.

Step Eight (you are doing GREAT!): Don’t forget to save you work along the way. The worst is if you get distracted from your computer or your battery dies and you lose all your work! When done publish your board!! You can tweet it out, facebook like it and download a .jpeg to share with a client, via email, blog post it or pinterest it. Tip: You can download items from Pinterest, in the sample olioboard shown; I downloaded some fun shoes that go with the style and color scheme of the room! How fun! You can really personalize and go crazy to have a fun time. I can hide myself in a room and create Olioboards all day if allowed!!

I hope I have given you enough tips, tools and advice to get you started on making your dream rooms, whether it’s a cute nursery, sophisticated master bedroom or a macho “man cave.” Thanks for reading my blog at blog.selmahammer.com

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For all your shopaholics out there, this satiates my need to spend because I put beautiful rooms together without spending a dime!! That is, until my client approves of the board!! Good times! I have already created one specifically for a client for a master bedroom that was approved! Woot, woot!