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Hiring an Interior Designer? Consider This:

If you have never worked with an Interior Designer before, the task can feel daunting and you may have your inhibitions and uncertainties.

Like hiring any other service provider, there are some basic things to consider:

1) Personality:

There may be aspects of the design process that may get complicated and you want to have someone always looking for your best interest. Someone that has a good sense of humor and makes sure they put a positive aspect on things is important. They will consider your financial constraints seriously but when it comes to the daunting task of making numerous selections, they need to be sensitive of your personal style.

2) Experience:

It’s important to ask questions when you are interviewing your designer. Have you worked on a similar project? Are you comfortable with my task? Do you work with certain contractors and vendors? Are you affiliated with any professional design organizations?

3) Financial:

Do you have a total budget in mind for the project? If you don’t, an experienced designer can help you put one together or give you an idea of the components that are the larger ticket items. For newbie clients, you may have no idea of how much fabric costs per yard, how detailed certain custom products that are needed for your particular space can run. Make sure you are clear with your designer about the items that you value more and are willing to spend more on. Such as if you have young children, investing in high end upholstery may not be a priority. If you love lighting and really want an impact with beautiful lighting, make sure your designer knows this about you. A great designer will ask you a lot of questions and listen to what you prioritize but since it’s your home, you want to make sure you clearly communicate your want list.

4) Respect:

Treat others how you’d like to be treated applies with your designer. Understanding the design process will help you understand how complicated the designer’s job can be. They not only have to ensure your wishes are met, they keep your budget into consideration, but also use their expertise to maximize your space to be functional and beautiful. A designer’s job is not as luxurious as you may expect. Creative fields can get a bad rap with looking out for their best interests. There are designers out there that will select things without looking at price tags, which may be fine if you have an unlimited budget. Designers with a business background or savvy designers that keep up with trends and research will truly have your best interest at heart.

5) Benefits:

Your designer will bring you a space that is exactly what you were looking for that you couldn’t quite pull together yourself or don’t have the time or the resources to pull together. Your space will serve you functionally but also be very appealing to you and your family. You will finally have that space that feels comfortable and looks beautiful too. You will be proud to entertain and show off that visually appealing space!

Do not view that you are adding to your costs by hiring an interior designer but you are investing in expertise that will ensure the project gets done right the first time around. You are investing in improving your home, which typically is your largest asset and investment. Make sure you have a professional advising you, so you can maximize the money you spend on improving it! Do it right, do it tasteful and do it as you intended!

I hope these tips will help facilitate the process of searching for the right interior designer and understand the process a little better. If you like what you have read, please contact Selma Hammer Designs. I serve the Greater Rochester, NY Area and am open to traveling for special projects. www.selmahammer.com

Brand & Image Include Updating Your Office Interior

First impressions are everything. That doesn’t just include personal appearance but the appearance of your brand and image, which includes your office space. When a potential client or existing client walks into your space, what is their impression? Wow, they really have a successful business with a well designed space and nice color flow throughout? Is it the opposite, wow, this place looks like it hasn’t been updated in decades, they must not invest in their business and interested in growing. Complacency doesn’t just apply to business practices, it applies to interior and exterior design appearance of your brand and image, including your office space.

Commercial Redesign of a Realty Office. The before included mismatched flooring, wall paper, uneven floors and when I walked into the space, my first reaction was to walk right out! Now, it’s warm, inviting and makes you want to do business with the firm.

This room was unusable before with the back wall covered with outdated amber tinted wall of mirrors. Can you say Poconos in 1980’s or Atlantic City in 1970’s? We unearthed an old fireplace that was hidden behind mirrors and dry wall. The goal was to keep the architecture of when the home was built so we re-purposed the old fireplace. All the original bricks were used but the painter filled in the missing chunks and painted it to look brand new!

The stairs were covered in carpet and the railing had thick white chipping paint. The carpet was stripped and instead of re-carpeting, I suggested staining the original hardwoods. The railing was stripped and the railing was stained and the spindles were painted white=> immediately updated. The foyer before was used as a reception area, blocking the unused front door and had uneven carpeted floors. Pretty much every wall space had awful wallpaper that was papered at different decades. I called the original condition of the office an unattractive, mismatched quilt that didn’t work!